Saving California with a State Right

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    A Legal Protection Right under CA State Law - for Californians ONLY

    • Private Retirement Plans are "Exempt" from Creditor Judgments under California Law - since 1970

    • About Exemption Law: Creditor & Tax Exemptions

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    A PRP is a "Non-Qualified" Retirement Plan

    • A California PRP is NOT a 401k or IRA

    • A PRP is a NON-QUALIFIED Retirement Plan for Private Asset Funding

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    Proper Set Up a California Private Retirement Plan (PRP)

    • The Working Components of a Legitimate Retirement Plan

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    Tax-Smart Planning - Claiming Trust Tax Exemptions

    • The Strongest Retirement Plan is a Comprehensive Plan with Tax Planning Considerations

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    Honoring Your PRP - Enforcing Your Rights to Protect Wealth for Retirement


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