PRP Insurance exclusive for TRUST-CFO® Clients

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    TRUST-CFO® Innovations

    • Solving Problems with Expertise

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    PRP DEFENDER™ - the only Insured Retirement Plan

    • The ISSUE: Loss of Plan Asset Values = Failed Retirement

    • The SOLUTION: TRUST-CFO® Private Asset Risk Insurance

    • TRUST-CFO’s INNOVATION: "Loss of Creditor Exemption" Coverage

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    PRP ACCELERATOR™ - the only Financed Retirement Plan


    • Low-Cost Premium Financing for Business Deductions = INCREASED CASH FLOW

    • Financing for PRP Funding-Contributions

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    PRP PRESERVER™ - the only Estate-Tax Free Retirement Plan

    • The ISSUE: all retirement plans are included in the Taxable Estate - 70% TAX RATE?

    • The SOLUTION: TRUST-CFO®s PRP Trust integrated with our Wealth Preservation Trust

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    Get a PRP STRATEGY Cash Flow Analysis Report

    • How to Start: Complete Our Exemption Diagnostic Calculator & Schedule a Report Review Call